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Greenwood neighborhood

To whom it may concern, I wish to commend you the person of Darrin Stumpf. My experience working with Mr. Stumpf through the multitude of steps involved with the finalization of my new residence in the Greenwood neighborhood bears merit– it reflects a remarkable effort. After he and I saw far past a dozen potential places to occupy, we landed at the door of my final choice just hours after it had listed. He made the offer immediately, then set into motion our task of closing in 3 weeks to accommodate my schedule. When the litany of problems arose from the buyer’s side he negotiated an advantageous rental contract that allowed me to rent the place while the seller cleaned up his unrecorded liens. That move saved me a bunch of extra work and expense, plus the stress of moving my boxes twice! After relating my harrowing adventure to a friend that had lots of real estate buying and selling experience, he expressed to me how the type of deal I entered into could only be pulled off equitably by a bonafide real estate expert, there were several ways for the buyer to get stung in the transaction, but when I showed him how Darrin structured it and got signatures everywhere necessary, he exclaimed that Darrin is a sharp detailed genius, and wow about how many extra steps he made to deliver the deal. How lucky I am for his expertise, tenacity, and professionalism, and for that of his team. From knocking doors to the final escrow paper re-creation due to the seller’s liens, Darrin transformed a rather stressful situation into a pleasurable experience. I will say this too–This is a man to trust to move mountains in order to find you the best possible fit for your own situation, then to pleasantly work whatever hours necessary to complete the transaction– and all with a smile. Thank You Darrin! Dustin L.

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