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Shane O’Donnell

Darrin came to me in an unusual way. I was trying to sell my condo near greenlake as I was being relocated to Oregon for work. My current realtors marketing plan was to continuously lower the price or turn the unit back into the bank. My mom called his John L Scott office and asked for the best agent. They recommened Darrin. Frustrated I decided to rent out my unit but if I decided to sell I would call him. A year later I called and he listed the unit and began marketing it as well. I came back to Seattle the first weekend it was on the market and joked with him about selling it the first day it was on the market and I would take him out on the town. I had just finished playing golf with my dad and he asked what I would take for it. Not 30 seconds later I got a call from Darrin saying we had an offer coming in. The offer was for more than we were asking and we had it closed in 30 Days. If I was to ever buy or sell a house in Washington again I would certainly use Darrin and I encourage everyone else to do so as well. Simply, Darrin looks out for you and gets the job done.

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