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Before I began my career in residential real estate I was a project manager for a land planning and development company. I oversaw projects ranging from large subdivisions to commercial sites such as hotels, restaurants and apartment complexes.

What this experience gave me was in-depth knowledge of the entire development process from, literally, the ground up. I honestly feel that my breadth of knowledge in development is unrivaled by any other residential real estate broker in the greater Puget Sound area.

In addition, I have also been through the process of having my own personal residence built on vacant land. I learned a great deal through that experience and would really like to use that knowledge to help you save both time and money!

Vacant Land

Many people dream of finding that perfect piece of property to build their ideal home on. Sometimes it’s a place for their family, maybe a vacation home or even a place to retire. Whatever your goals are, I can help you find that property and guide you through the process of making your dream home a reality. There are many things to consider when selecting vacant land and I will help you make a wise investment. You have a number of options when building a home and I can help you select the one that best suits your needs and budget.


As an investor you know that developable land in this region is becoming scarce and demand for housing is constantly growing. This creates a great opportunity, along with a sense of urgency, to find and prepare your plat for presale. Whether your goal is 6 homes or 600, I can take you through the entire process including final disposition of the product.


The increasing demand for homes in the greater Seattle area presents an opportunity for those whose property is sub-divideable. Since there is only a limited amount of land available, densification is a necessity. I can help you find out if your property can be sub-divided, how many lots you have and what can be built on them. Based on the zoning of your property I can market it to the most suitable buyer.

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