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Real estate has been a smart investment for hundreds of years and it continues to be one of the highest yielding investments today. According to the Wall Street Journal (, “Some of the world’s smartest investors, including Warren Buffett, are taking notice, placing big bets on a continued recovery in the housing market.”

The recovery of the housing market is evidenced by the exceptionally low levels of inventory. Fewer properties are on the market now and demand is rapidly increasing yet prices remain much lower than when the market was at it’s peak in 2006. “That has caught the attention of many investors, including Mr. Buffett, who in February said he would buy ‘a couple hundred thousand’ homes if it were practical.” (

The combination of a recovering market, low inventory and low yet rising prices puts pressure on investors to act quickly. For those who were waiting for the bottom the time has come and gone! Seasoned investors are accustomed to asserting themselves but those who are newer to real estate investment might be more hesitant. Often times this hesitation can lead to lost opportunities.

If you are new to real estate investing, I can help you invest with confidence. If you are experienced already I have the expertise you need to strengthen your portfolio. I will walk through the process with you so that I understand your goals and am able to find the properties that best suit your requirements. I will research properties so that I can find those that will provide the best return on your investment. I know the physical characteristics of a property that matter most and can tell you without hesitation whether or not it’s worth making an offer.

When I submit an offer on an investment property I will negotiate firmly yet creatively. I know how to secure a deal and get a jump on the competition. One of the most valuable yet often overlooked points to negotiate for is time. I want to make sure that you never feel pressured to make a move that you are not completely comfortable with so, I will help you secure the property while maintaining your right to due diligence.

There are several approaches to obtaining investment property in addition to traditional lending. These approaches are often complex and you will benefit from the guidance of an experienced professional.

1031 Exchanges– This can be an excellent way to acquire investment real estate while selling other investment real estate tax deferred. I have a lot of experience with 1031 Exchanges as well as reverse 1031s.

Using your 401K for Real Estate Investing– When people think about their 401k, they consider a lump sum of money that has been put away for retirement. In fact, most people completely forget about their 401k until income tax time. Creative real estate investors, however, have figured out that their 401k’s and real estate investing can have a mutually beneficial relationship. There are a number of ways to put your 401K dollars to work for you in real estate and I would be happy to tell you how.

I want to congratulate you on your decision to invest in real estate. Today’s most financially successful investors have made the same choice. I am excited to share my expertise with you and to make your investment dreams a reality!

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