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Todd S.

Let’s talk numbers. 6 years ago I had a real estate portfolio worth 400k. Since then I’ve worked with Darrin to grow that portfolio to, conservatively, 3.5M.The methods have been as solid as the results — no risky flipping, no heavy-outlay remodelling, no sweat equity. Just good, solid, fundamental investment in properties and projects with excellent upside potential. I firmly believe that if you Invest in the right property in the right areas, and you’ll see good returns. I have dealt with many real estate investors in the last 10 years. Darrin is one of the very few that have understood the market from an investors perspective. It’s easy for an agent to make money themselves as a middle man, it is quite another thing for an agent to make money for their clients — most simply can’t do it. Darrin’s background in development and real estate investment makes him a precious commodity in today’s real estate market. As conditions have changed, the potential opportunities for real estate investment have blossomed. Having an agent that can filter out the properties that don’t really have true long-term potential, and bring only those with genuine up-side, is extremely useful. When I get a call from Darrin, I know there’s something that really deserves my attention, and not just the next set of listings that fall within my criteria. I have not hesitated to recommend Darrin as an agent to my friends and colleagues, and I don’t hesitate to do so again.

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